Automated e2e testing of electron application on Windows


Is there a recommended way on how to automate e2e testing on Windows? For example, I want to verify that the tray icon shows up after app launch, or verify that a toast notification has been shown with certain message.

I’ve looked at the selenium and web driver documentation and they seem to focus on verifying the web app behavior itself, which is not what I need.


I’m confused. Electron is a web app framework. You say you want to do end-to-end testing of a web app (since that’s what one builds with Electron). So isn’t verifying the web app behavior exactly what you want to be doing?


Let me rephrase - I do want to verify web app behavior (which the web driver will do), but I also want to verify the Windows behavior that electron interacts with. Ex. verifying tray and menu items.


Ah ok, thanks for explaining.


I’m in the same boat. Have tested our app’s web part using Selenium webdriver. However, we also have a few native features, like menu bars that need automated testing on Windows and Mac. Any update or information on that topic shall be highly appreciated.


@Siddjo Have you got any solution for interacting with native elements ?


I am trying to open electron app on windows to automate tests using webdriver(c#). Can someone please help me or give any pointer.


I have done this using Java and it’s works for me please refer below
You can automate electron application using selenium webdriver just we need to provide application binary path

Please refer below link