AutoHotkey SyntaxHighlight for ATOM


Im trying out atom and “Me like a LOT”, i use autohotkey scripting for some easy keyboard remappings but i don’t see anything for this. Help? anybody got some pointers?


It looks like there’s an AutoHotKey TextMate bundle here:

Which, in theory, you could use to convert into an Atom package using the instructions here:

But they’re pretty much expecting the bundle to be hosted on GitHub, which it isn’t … but you could probably upload it yourself and fiddle around to get it to work.


thx im no big coder but will try to contribute a bit with that


I downloaded the bundle but can’t get my windows running ATOM to run shell, I tried using CMD but no luck…I just can not get apm running on windows 7


Sounds like you haven’t added Atom to your PATH. If you don’t know how to do that, you might want to use Chocolatey to install Atom instead: