Autoflow keybinding overrides my keymap.cson


As can be seen below, the keybinding of the core package “autoflow” overrides my personal keybinding defined in .atom\keymap.cson :

isnt this a bug? i mean according to the atom flight manual, the keymap.cson should be loaded last so that core/third-party packages cant override the keybindings defined in there.

My os is windows 10

any help is appreciated


Command priority is determined based on selectors just as with CSS, and the selector for autoflow:reflow-selection is more specific. It has an element name and a class name, whereas your command just has an element name. Since they have different selectors, your command doesn’t override the one from the core package. You can fix it by using the following in your keymap.cson:

".platform-win32 atom-workspace":
  "ctrl-shift-q": "open-in-browsers:toggle"


Your specific solution actually didnt work, but using “.platform-win32 atom-text-editor” instead solved it. This is the exact same selector the autoflow command uses so my keymapping has the priority. TY.

is there any way to find the complete hierarchy for the core selectors of atom? i mean, their names and which is more specific.


You can open the dev tools (View -> Developer -> Toggle developer tools) and explore the DOM like a web page.


Well ok, thank you