Autofill for css in react styled components

I am trying to find some evidence that it is possible to use autofill for css when using styled components for react in atom.

I have found this thread;

Which indicates that by using language-babel it is possible. But I just can’t get it to work.

I have checked of ‘Styled-components Auto-Complete method’ in the language-babel atom package settings, but no autofill for css is working, only text highlighting.

In the ’ language-babel’ readme, it says;

Support for styled-components CSS inside tagged template strings including CSS auto-completion

So it should be possible!

But I have searched youtube, google and duckduckgo for proof that autofill actually works in atom, but I can’t find any. I have looked for tutorial videos and simple gifs.

I have tried changing the file ending to .jsx. I have tried installing the emmet package.

Does anyone here have any experience using styled components for atom? Any help would be much appreciated:)