Autocompletion list doesn't appear anymore


I have been working for a week in atom with Python. Everything was fine until today.
I had before a small window when I write a keyword. Now there is empty, but the Tab key works. With C++ everything is ok.

I removed and installed again the autocomplete-python package and I disabled and enabled again Atom autocomplete+, autocomplete-snippets and language-python packages. Still doesn’t work.
Can you help me? :grinning:


Have you filed an Issue with the maintainers of the autocomplete-python package?


Not really. I didn’t think it was a problem with this package, because when the package was uninstalled I had the same problem.

Problem isn’t solved but Atom works now fine after reinstall. Thanks for help!


I think i find the problem, it’s the autocomplete-snippets package conflict with theautocomplete-python, if you disable autocomplete-snippets package, type a keyword will not show the green small window, but if you install the autocomplete-python, the window will not show too.It must be conflict.If you disable this package, if will show.
I find that the conflict is when the keyword is the same, the behavior is apply the autocomplete-python rule not the autocomplete-snippets.
I don’t know how to solve this, but now i choose disable autocomplete-python.If you have any solution, tell me.