Autocomplete with Vim mode



I’ve installed the Vim plugin but now I’m not sure how to trigger the autocomplete selection and how to move up and down in the autocomplete popup with the keyboard.

How do I do that?




I don’t believe that the vim-mode package changes anything to do with autocomplete. So if you’re using the standard autocomplete package, then Ctrl+SPACE should activate it and the arrow keys should move up and down within the popup.


Ah got it, it’s CTRL+Space. I was expecting ctrl + enter.

Also, I’d rather move up and down with J and K as vim is all about not using the arrow keys and staying on the home row while coding.


I can understand that. Though perhaps there is a technical limitation as to why that might not be feasible? If it doesn’t already exist, would you mind posting a feature request on the vim-mode package repository and posting a link back here?