Autocomplete templates list


Is there a list of autocomplete features somewhere? I am referring to stuff like when you type html and you get the generic html page with title and so on…


Are you referring to snippets?

If you wish to know which snippets are available for a grammar (language), look at
Custom snippets are not working, but it did before

Else could you expand on what you mean when saying:


No. I’m talking about when you write “html” and press tab you get a template.

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <meta charset="utf-8">

I am interested what other templates are there.



The information I have given you does apply.
In Atom snippets are what you call templates.
What makes it confusing is that snippets are delivered to us by the autocomplete feature.

These can be created with the grammar (language) and you can create your own, linked to a grammar.

The one you refer to specifically html can be seen in the lanuage-html project:

Also you will be able to see all the templates available to you. The more convenient way is to follow the previous link to a post that explains how to trigger to see all the templates.

The link to the manual gives ideas on how to make your own templates.



Thank you!