Autocomplete-snippets not working for some scopes?



I’m new to atom, so I’m not sure if this is a bug or if I just do something wrong.
I installed Atom on Arch Linux (from arch repos, v1.16.0). It came with a bundle of basic packages preinstalled, such as autocomplete-plus and autocomplete-snippets.

I want to write saltstack formulas, so I also installed atom-jinja2 and language-salt, the latter just adds the .sls extention to atom-jinja2’s yaml/jinja syntax highlighting, creating the scope .source.salt.
I wrote some snippets and according to the snippets- and autocomplete doku, I added some fields like “description”.

However the auto complete part seems to work in no way. I can expand the snippet but I don’t get the autocomplete popup.
I verified the same behavior for yaml files (.source.yaml), and some other extentions as well, this is why I first thought autocomplete doesn’t work at all.
However it is working for javascript files: If I change the scope for my snippets to .source.js the autocompleteion is show, and it shows my snippets with all their “descriptions” etc. … everything is working as expected.

This is why I think the problem is within the autocomplete-snippets provider, as far as I can tell js has its own provider.
I read a little deeper into how autocomplete providers work and had a look at autocomplete-snippets/lib/snippets-provider.js … as far as I can tell everything looks good in here and even the description part etc is present.
Changing the * selector to “SnippetsProvider.prototype.selector = ‘.source.salt, .source.yaml’;” didn’t change anything aswell (I would not really have expected that, but wanted to give it a try).

Am I missing something or does it sound like a bug to you?


Thanks for the detailed report @heiko :bow: I see you have an issue open and Lee is taking a look:

That’s the best place to continue the conversation so I’m just cross-referencing the issue here in case anyone else is following along.