Autocomplete snippets not working between html tags


I think my autocomplete functionality is broken when it comes to snippets in HTML file. I’ve created some gifs to help me illustrate what the problem is.

When I start typing in a new line the autocomplete functionality works as expected - I get the suggestions and can hit enter (or tab) to expand them:

However, when I try to do the same while cursor is between the opening and closing tags (like


in this example) the suggestions won’t show up:

What I discovered, as a kind of workaround, is that when there’s space between the cursor and the closing tag the autocomplete seems to work again:

This however means, that if I want to insert a snippet between the tags I have to press space-bar, move the cursor before the space and then try to type something, which is a bit tedious for me.

Is this the default behavior of autocomplete? I think I saw it working normally even when the cursor was in between HTML tags, but I can’t remember where.