Autocomplete "show on keystroke" does not work


After upgrading to Atom 1.19.0 the package autocomplete-plus does not work as expected (while typing) and the only way to trigger it is manually by the command palette or key-bind.

I double checked all the related packages and settings and everything looks fine.

To be sure is not related with an specific language I tried to get autocomplete-snippet to work, it does not either.

I also tried restarting several times.

This is IMHO a critical bug, basically “intellisense” functionality is broken for every kind of buffer.

(MacOS v10.12.4)



Does it show anything when you have started Atom from the Terminal with atom --safe?

You can also test to make sure that it’s the update by going to the 1.18.0 releases and downloading It will give you an executable Atom without installing anything, so you can try the two versions side-by-side.


No warning with atom --safe


Downloaded v1.18.0 as standalone, autocomplete works as expected.

So is a v1.19.0 specific issue.