Autocomplete: Show more information, parameters


Good day, I absolutely love Atom, I switched to it from Brackets and it has just made my job more pleasurable.

However, the autocomplete function has been nagging me quite a bit, I would love if it showed me information about what I’m completing, like what arguments it takes, etc. This of course would have to be provided by language packs for languages not included with Atom.

Picture that shows what I’m talking about

Is this a current setting, or does anyone know of any existing package that does this?
If not, is it even possible to extend the autocompletion in this way? I would probably try to give it a go myself if there is nothing out there.

Thank you


This is a frequent request. Just search for “autocomplete” or “intellisense” and you’ll find examples like:

Closing this as duplicate of the above.

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