Autocomplete python sdk



How can I have autocomplete in atom?

I installed

pip install facebookads

But the editor does not seem to autocomplete.

Any help would be appreciated.


Does Atom even know that you are working with Python text?
See Atom syntax help


Yes, Python is shown at the bottom.


What autocomplete packages do you have installed?


Then perhaps try these two packages…

@DamnedScholar: Hello. Good to see you.


Great thanks, autocomplete-python did the job.

Need to check what the other package does.


I think I just have the Python autocomplete, but not everything from Facebook SDK.

How can I add the Facebook SDK autocomplete too?


Someone has to make a provider package for it. The autocomplete-plus package is designed to read what you type, send it to autocomplete providers that apply to the scope of your document, and receive a list of suggestions from each provider package. Some of these lists are static, particularly limited markup or shorthand languages that don’t have much variety. For languages like Python where it’s impossible to assemble a canonical list of all functions, external programs like Jedi are used to populate the list. Someone would have to create a package that does one or both of these things for the functions in the Facebook SDK, and from a search of packages, it doesn’t seem to be the case that someone already has.