Autocomplete-plus "Use Locality Bonus" issue


Does anyone know if “Use Locality Bonus” on the settings page of autocomplete-plus actually works? I’m finding, for example, that I can type a prefix and get two suggestions returned by autocomplete-plus. The first suggestion is a function name that appears once in the file near the middle of the file. The second suggestion appears dozens of times in the file, including on the line above the one where I’m typing and several more times within the same function – and yet that suggestion comes second every time. I assume this is because of an alphabetical sort.

I figured that “Use Locality Bonus” would do the trick. (Actually, I’m a little surprised that the vast number of times that the second suggestion appears in the file doesn’t outweigh the single time the first suggestion appears, but I don’t want to hijack my own thread here!) Does anyone have any experience where “Use Locality Bonus” does what it appears to say it does?

Thanks in advance!