Autocomplete Plus Snippets: How to set leftLabel, leftLabelHTML, etc

Ok, finally works!

I completely reinstalled Atom, removed every preference, the .atom folder, etc.
But I don’t think that actually helped.

I then, instead of installing the packages via command line, dragged them into ./atom/dev/packages/
(i cloned the 2 packages that Pier posted, the drag and dropped these)
Restarted and now everything works like a charm.

Thanks for the help guys.

Awesome @frameland !

I just hope @leedohm can take a look a the PR on autocomplete-snippets so that these features can be included in the next Atom version. :wink:

It’s in the queue. I’m not sure what the timeframe is and I’m crazy swamped this week or I’d do it myself :grinning:

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Well, hopefully in 1.9 :slight_smile: