Autocomplete plugin for over-spaced text contents?

I use atom editor as a great blog writing tool. Actually works great, but the autocomplete plugin feature (autocomplete-plus) is a little bit unstable to me. It works only with no-space-between texts, like it suggest “you_know_what” by you[ctrl-space] but not for “you know what”. So, I don’t quite understand, what’s the point of the autocomplete plugin. maybe because it’s for coding but not for general writing? I’d like to have advice from you guys what settings for the plugin I can modify or what other plugins I can check for such use case. Thanks.

It is working exactly as it is supposed to. It is intended to be a very defined and 100% predictable expansion mechanism for very defined short triggers (often not intended to be in the final text at all) – not autocorrection of long phrases. You would want to define an outcome for say ynw to expand to “you know what” (if that is something you use often).

Its not intended to be something similar to predictive test on your phone where you start typing and it takes a guess at the rest

I assume that autocomplete works pretty much like snippets. Characters that can be used in a snippet can be controlled through the nonWordCharacters setting. However, since Space isn’t part of it, it’s not possible to do that. Aside from these technicalities, I can imagine that allow spaces in snippets or autocompletions are highly impractical and often result in undesired results.