Autocomplete paths result



Is it possible to change path result ? I have an absolute result path and I want the relative one.



What does your directory structure look like?


I don’t understand, the one you label as “not wanted” is a relative path.

Are you actually asking if you can set a custom current directory, which is then used as the base for path completions? That looks like what you’re asking for based on the picture.

If so, it would probably be best to raise an issue on the autocomplete-paths repo, explaining what you want.



I work in ‘src’ and my gulpfile compile in ‘dist’


When I type url('img/back autocomplete paths autocompletes as well but when I validate with enter, this is the relative path who is displayed.

How I can set a custome current directory for autocomplete path ?


Like I said, this is not possible the way it is (as far as I’m aware). You will need to raise an issue on the repo, and have the maintainers consider it.



Before make an issue on the repo I wanted to make sure it was not possible and that I missed a parameter.