Autocomplete-paths 2.0: Automatic path suggestions


Hey there,

as the initiator of autocomplete+, I’m very happy to switch back to Atom now that its performance has become a LOT better. But there’s still one important (well, important for me at least) feature that’s missing, and that’s path autocompletion.

I created autocomplete-paths shortly after releasing the initial version of autocomplete-plus, but quickly abandoned it as I switched back to a different editor. I initiated this version 2 years ago and today I found some time to finish it.

So here it is - autocomplete-paths version 2. This version includes a path cache with incremental updates which fixes the freezing issues many of you had. It also includes custom scopes so you can extend it however you like.

Have fun with it! :slight_smile:


@saschagehlich Nice one!

Wow! Cool beans!


:frowning_face: For some reason this package does not install on my system. It is complaining about my Python being too new (?). I retried the installation in the hope to capture the full error report, but now that does not come up either.

@StevenCopeland - Have you installed the package on your system?

Why the "autocomplete-paths" just doesn't work

Well, I installed from the atom preferences, but if I run apm install autocomplete-paths in the terminal, that worked for me to.


What OS are you on? autocomplete-paths depends on native extensions that might fail to build (right now the build fails on Windows)


It seems that many users are experiencing installation problems with this version. This is due to native extensions being required (and many users don’t have the necessary tools to build these extensions). Since atom is already shipping with the required native extensions (used for file / path watching), I’m currently re-writing the paths cache to use atom’s internal path watching stuff.


Aaaand it’s done. Should work on all machines now :slight_smile:


WOW! That was quick.
Sadly for me it still does not work. You have done a good job - my experience is very possibly an individual’s experience.

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