Autocomplete not working


I’m an atom editor newbie.

I just can’t seem to get autocomplete to work properly. I’m trying to set it up for JavaScript right now. The out-of-the-box setup gives completely irrelevant results in the autocomplete popup, based on words already in the file. It works somewhat for user-defined objects. But I can’t get it to work for built-in objects, such as Window or Document.

I installed the “autocomplete provider” atom-ternjs which I hoped would solve this issue. It didn’t work.

I just want autocomplete to work like it does in any other text editor (e.g. sublime text, brackets) or IDE I use.

Can anyone provide some instructions for setup?

using version 0.207.0 on Windows 7


Bump. No help on this?


Try asking on the github repo for whichever auto-complete you are using.