Autocomplete+ not working with my plugin



atom-autocomplete+ is not working when my plugin is active. What are the set of things that a plugin must do/or not do to ensure atom-autocomplete+ stays active?

Is there a checklist of calls that deactivate atom-autocomplete+?

I tried Google, it wasn’t very helpful.




Do you mean the autocomplete-plus package? If so, there isn’t anything in particular that you have to do to work with it unless you’re trying to create an autocomplete provider. If you’re trying to create an autocomplete provider, there is documentation in the README at the link above. If you’re trying to do something else entirely, please give us some more information :grinning:


Yeah, i mean the autocomplete-plus package.

I have a plugin:

and when I open a file where autocomplete-plus should work, nothing happens. And when I deactivate my plugin autocomplete-plus starts working. Not sure what to check.