Autocomplete not working out of box


I just installed Atom and the pre-installed Autocomplete packages are not working, including the Autoclose-HTML. The packages are all there and enabled so I can’t think of any reason why it won’t work.
I had tried Atom a few months back and had the same issue (tried uninstalling/reinstalling) but could never get it to work so I gave up. I would really like to use it but I can’t think of why Autocomplete packages are not working from a new install.

Any ideas? I am on WIndows 10, tried with reboot after install, I even tried disabling AV just in case it was causing an issue.


For most problems like this, we would have to see your editor in order to tell you what’s wrong. If you can record a video of yourself working on a document where you expect autocomplete to help out, that would be great.


I am literally typing the same as in the package gif example:

It’s just text… no color coding or autocomplete.


Okay, the fact that it’s not colored tells me that there’s no language selected. If you have not saved your file, you should do that and Atom will learn that it is an HTML file based on the extension.


Omg, I’ll bet that’s it. Slaps forehead I should have tried an existing HTML file.