Autocomplete not working in 1.9.4



I am still getting used to configuring and troubleshooting Atom, so I apologise in advance if I’ve missed something obvious. Also, is this even the right place for this type of bug report?

I updated to v1.9.4 earlier today. Since then autocompleting for PHP and HTML has stopped working. It works intermittently for Coffee and Javascript, though.

I have tried restarting Atom and I have disabled and enabled the relevant packages.

This is all running on OS X 10.11.6



Please post a screenshot with a case where the autocomplete dropdown should show up but isn’t appearing. Does the behavior occur when you start Atom with atom --safe? Do JS and CS autocompletion break randomly? (That is, you could type the exact same string repeatedly and it would sometimes not work.) If it’s not random, then there must be conditions under which it fails. You need to figure out what those conditions are. Is the failure limited to those four languages?


So… I created a new file to take screenshots out of and hey! autocomplete is working again. I went back into an already open PHP file and typed if which would usually autocomplete to an example if statement - autocomplete not working.

The above explains the intermittent behaviour and also provides a predictable way of getting the autocomplete working again.

Before, starting Atom without or without --safe didn’t make a difference. Now I restarted it in safe and everything is working normally. Restarted again in normal mode and it also works.

As for the screenshot - I don’t think it’s necessary anymore, right?

Any other information I should post to help troubleshoot this? Although it might have just been gremlins.



Well, if it breaks again (and the breakage persists through reloading Atom), screenshot the whole thing and post it here. Autocomplete issues are almost always due to the scope of where the cursor is (if you have a <?php tag on the left side of your cursor, it’s going to match for PHP, not HTML, for example, but enter the ?> tag and it goes back to HTML), so a combination of knowing the active grammar and knowing precisely what code is implicated in the lack of an autocomplete popup usually leads to a solution. At the very least, I know what to point you at in order to Inspect the relevant section of the editor and see which classes appear around the cursor’s position.