Autocomplete html tag after pressing enter from dropdown


I just switched to Atom (or trying to) from Sublime. In Atom, when you start with a ‘<’ it suggests the most common or most used tags as a drop-down like any other editors, but unlike Sublime when you enter or select a tag it does not autocomplete the tag pair. For example,

If I type:
then select ‘div’ and press enter Atom stops at
whereas Sublime completes it

Is there any existing packages that does that. Or is there a way to do it in settings?


After “whereas Sublime completes it” its


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Pressing TAB should do what you expect, else…


I have tried with Tab and Enter and played with the option you mentioned. But the only time it auto-completes is after selecting from the drop-down and type ‘>’ unlike sublime where after enter or tab it auto-completes the tags as mentioned above.


Try the autoclose-html package.


I have miss-understood your question - sorry.
I do understand your question now after the suggestion by @Wliu (thanks).

The above suggestion was for the snippet when starting to type div,
which brings up the autocomplete selection for

<div class="">

To hook onto this conversation, I came across something strange.

The snippet for HTLM worked for Atom V1.21.1 but not for V1.22-beta1.
Below is triggering “all snippets” in HTML text, beta version on the left.

The packages used is the same (in name) when it comes to autocomplete, snippets and HTLM themes.


There’s an HTML snippets bug in 1.22. It should be fixed by the time it reaches stable.