Autocomplete for ' and " (quotes) not working in fresh install


Just installed Atom (1.12.7) fresh on a mac and Bracket Matcher (0.82.2) does not seem to work as expected on ’ and ".

Expected: If I type one quote, another is autocompleted and cursor is between.

Current behavior: Only the one typed is displayed and no autocompleting. [, { and ( seems to work as normal, but not ’ and ".

I was not able to find any settings changing this behavior to the expected (as experienced from other installs I have, where Bracket Matcher autocompletes quotes “out of the box”). I have tried to put this list in config.cson:
“bracket-matcher”: {
autocompleteCharacters: [


I don’t know why it’s not working for you on quotes, but autocompleteCharacters doesn’t do anything yet. That’s in a newer version of the package than the one you have (it’s in 0.85.x).

Try starting Atom from the command line with atom --safe and see if it’s still not working.


Safe mode does not help…

Any other information I can give to help narrow this down. No one else having this issue?


Have you followed the suggestions in the Debugging document? Specifically the section on resetting Atom to factory defaults?


Thanks a lot for trying to help. As I said the install was fresh, but tried mv ~/.atom ~/.atom-backup, as stated in the debugging document to reset atom. Same result. No errors in console. I’m switching to another editor for now (as this is only a borrow-laptop and my other Macs have versions of Atom which works without this issue), so no need to spend more time on this. Thanks a lot!