Autocomplete doesn't work everytime


So I am experiencing some inconsistency with Autocomplete / Autocomplete+.
I downloaded the C# language package to try it out for my Unity3D scripting and I noticed that sometimes my autocomplete fails to suggest me the standard grammar: things like ‘float’, ‘public’. It does pick it up when I have typed it before, but sometimes it doesn’t when I use an empty .cs document.

For example, I am opening an empty .cs file. I hit ctrl-space to let autocomplete give me suggestions, but it tells me there are ‘no matches found’. Then I close down atom, fire it up again and do the exact same thing and all the suggestions are there.

I tested it also with C++, same thing. Am I missing something?


I am generally never 100% sure how and where the suggestions come from. I see similar inconsistent results in other file types, e.g. standard language methods show up one time, but not the next etc…

I did notice that it usually adds variable names and methods you have used in the same file in the same session (not always after you restart Atom).

Not sure if there’s a guide?


I thought maybe autocomplete needed some time to load all the suggestions, so I kept my empty document sitting in a window while surfing the web for a while. I see it’s been 18 mins since my post, but still, no suggestions pop up.

Want to add to that, it seems it’s package specific. CSS suggestions come up every time. (ctrl-space in empty css doc).


The standard autocomplete package, to my knowledge, just suggests things that exist in the same document. There is a setting that tells it to build its list from all open documents:

But it doesn’t even build its list from all files in a project if they are not open. It is a very naïve implementation, to be sure, but it is a fast one.

I haven’t looked into Autocomplete+ enough to know exactly how it (and all its plugins) get their suggestions.


Well, I continued the investigation and I’ve found that the CSS suggestions only showed because I had Autocomplete Snippets installed. Disabling that, removed the suggestions as well. However, the suggestions shown are not in the snippets file but are listed in the scoped-properties.

".source.css:not(": {
"editor": {
  "completions": [