Autocomplete CSS options when you write "inline"


I’m new in this forum.

I installed atom 3 days ago and it’s really good but i found something about css.

I know it’s not a good practice but if you write css inside a “style” (for example:

), atom doesn’t show css options.

I use Less and sometimes i write “inline” like this:

If you write “cursor”, it should show you “cursor, default, …” or “font-weight” should show "bold, normal, 700, … " but Atom doesn’t do it.

Autocomplete css and language-css packages are installed.

Need help with this, please :sweat_smile:


This is a known Issue:

You may want to subscribe there for updates.


What version of the package are you using? This doesn’t happen for me.


It completes the attributes, but not the values.