Autocomplete Confirm does not complete correctly


When using autocomplete (ctrl+space) and trying to confirm my selection (tab/enter) seems to erroneously complete my wrappers. Here is a simple scenarion

What is typed:

“<h3” -> ctrl+space -> enter

End result:


Expected result:


The first thing you should notice is that the autocomplete isn’t trying to complete a tag. You have not installed any packages that tell autocomplete-plus that the natural conclusion to <h3 is ></h3>, and the default behavior of autocomplete-html is to not close a tag that you have open (because you might want to add more attributes before the closing bracket). For your purpose, you could use a snippet (just type h3 and tab with no opening <), but it would give you more power in the long run to learn emmet, which can take quite complex instructions and will write out a lot of tags for you at once.


Perhaps it is a misunderstanding on my part. I am taking a course on HTML, and the instructor had used the autocomplete with my expected results allegedly with no extra add-ons. In addition, I found some demonstrations on YouTube that do similar functions. Just wondering if something is wrong with my configuration or I have to enable something that isn’t apparent


I would have to know what packages the teacher had installed and exactly what they typed.