Autocomplete configuration


Hi…is there a way to config the autocomplete access key for all lenguages, because in javascirpt it works with both tab and enter keys, but css only works with enter…I’d like to change all autocompletes to the tab key.


The autocomplete key binding is controlled by the autocomplete-plus package. You can find it in the Settings View by:

  1. Launching Atom
  2. Opening the Settings View using Cmd+, on OS X or Ctrl+, on other platforms
  3. Selecting the Packages tab
  4. Searching for autocomplete-plus
  5. Clicking the Settings button
  6. Finding the “Keymap For Confirming A Suggestion” setting

If you’re getting other behavior than what you see here, it may not be the autocomplete-plus package doing it.


it is like the image…I don’t use other packages, only emmet, can be for it?


Yes, see this FAQ entry:


oh ok, thanks