Autocomplete+ closes BOTH tags


Old habits die hard.

Vanilla Autocomplete+: type ht and then press ‘tab’ and Atom writes: <html></html>. Great!
type <ht (note opening bracket) and then press ‘tab’ and Atom writes <html. No good – no closing bracket or closing tag.

proposed (SublimeText3) functionality: the latter writes <html></html> as expected.

New to Atom and these forums…how can I pursue the correct avenues to make this happen? As I understand it, Autocomplete+ used to be a community package but is now a core package. How can I contact the devs?


There’s two kind of autocomplete:
The one with green arrow is a snippet, that’s why it ouput that much.
Normal auto complete will only complete the word that is being written eg ht->html.

The repository of autocomplete+ is here