Autocomplete-clang Not Detecting Source


I’m developing using objective-c and C++ so naturally I installed autocomplete-clang but i can’t get it to see any of my classes that I create.

My understanding was that it should just work out of the box. To test things I created a class called A.h and I then started by creating another class in B.h but no matter what I did if I tried including A.h to use its methods I got no auto complete.

Initially I had organized my code into modules and namespaces but then I also tried just having everything in root. I also tried adding .clang-clang and specifying my header file location there but that did nothing.

As a side note: I’m using Bazel as my build system so it would be sweet if another option was to use an autocomplete system that could look at .a or .so files.

I imaging someone has gotten C++ autocomplete to work. If so let me know how you’ve done it.

Thanks in advance.