Autocomplete and snippets for React



is there any good package for React which has autocomplete, snippets, syntax highlighting?

I found and it looks awesome but I get an error:

Uncaught TypeError: this.tokenizedBuffer.regexForPattern is not a function



According to the posts about that issue in the GitHub repo, updating Atom seems to fix the problem. Since your local version of Atom is so outdated, you should try upgrading to 1.29.0, which is the current stable version. We can’t adequately do any further troubleshooting steps on an outdated installation like that.


I thought that I have latest version, why update feature doesn’t work?


I don’t know exactly why it doesn’t work, but it seems auto update doesn’t handle old versions well in general.

Best is to delete the Atom app and download from the page again.


It seems likely that, at some point about a year ago, the automatic update updated the updater and messed it up somehow.


Because that’s not confusing.