Autocomplete and indentation problem


Hello guys,
i’m writing a custom package which contains a custom grammar for a DSL used for robotic appliances.
All went well so far, but now i have a problem with indentation.

What’s happening is this:
if i close a structure definition by writing the keyword end_struct manually the indentation behaviour is correct (when i write the last character, in this case the t , atom shift to left the entire line).
But if i write the same keyword but using the autocomplete suggestion (so that when it show the end_struct i push the enter button on the keyboard) it doesn’t trigger the indentation.

On the settings.cson of my package i have this to make the indentation working:


Any clues?
I upload a gif to show better the problem. (first i use the autocomplete which don’t indent correctly, then i write manually the entire keyword and the indentation will trigger correctly)


For me it looks like an issue with the autocomplete-plus package, you should problably report the issue there, if it was not reported yet.


Thanks , i reported the issue: