Autocomplete and auto-indent stopped working


Hi guys!

Without any action (I believe so) from my side two things have changed lately… CSS autocomplete used to give all possible values per each property without typing it’s first letter. For example: I’m typing “disp” - it shows “display”, I hit enter and immediately I should see auto suggestions for “none, block”, etc. Now I have to start typing “b” to see autocomplete for “block”.

The other thing is auto indenting HTML tags. When I go to new line inside some tag it automatically indents it by one tab, which is as it should be. But when I go to new line and close the parent tag it used to automatically “move it back” by one tab to align with opening tag. Now it doesn’t.

HELP! :wink:

I walked through all settings for packages, all packages are turned on and working… I don’t know, maybe I hit some keyboard shortcut and changed something, I have no idea what happened…


autocomplete-plus has a setting.

However, when I change that setting to 0, I do not see autocomplete-css providing me with completion prompts after display:. Are you sure you don’t have any external packages installed, like emmet?


I’m sure I haven’t installed any other packages, also I did not change any settings… Changing that “Minimum word length” also didn’t help…


If you don’t have any packages installed, then I don’t know what behavior you were seeing before.


Well, I have all those 80 core packages, nothing additional installed by me. And it used to work just as I’ve described in first post. Completion prompts popped up right after CSS property without giving the first letter, and code indents were automatically aligning with opening tags… But not anymore.