Autoclose HTML tags


I’ve been messing around with making packages. This one will add closing HTML tags as you complete the opening one. I can’t put it on apm yet as I’m not officially part of the beta :X ( you can invite me here, if you’d like: )

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I’d love to see this on apm. Since it would somewhat solve this problem I have: Close any open HTML tag with a shortcut

Unfortunately I don’t have any invites left.


It’s up now:

I’m working on a separate package that will autocomplete closing tags after </. It serves a similar purpose to this package so I’m making it separate, since it seems unlikely most people would want both. It should be pretty trivial to add a hotkey that outputs the entire closing tag as part of that package, once I get a bit further along. I’ll let you know when I get that published as well.


Did this ever get made? (The autoclosing on </ part) or anything that does the same thing?

Not having this is by far the most jarring thing coming from writing HTML in Sublime Text 3. If anyone knows how to do this in Atom please let me know! Currently a deal breaker for me, but I’d love to use it.


There are a few packages that do this:


Thanks! I’ll check some of these out… Must have just been struggling with my search terms none of those were coming up!