Autobahn js connection ins't working once app is packaged



I have been working on a project using electron these last few weeks and it’s really great. Thank for all your work.

I am using Autobahn js to connect to a web socket server from the main process and everything is working fine when running it from the terminal. However, once the app packaged it isn’t working anymore. Indeed, I cannot connect to the server. I alway got unsupported as an answer. Do you have any ideas where it can come from ? Is there any security parameters I am missing ? Here is the electron packager command I am using: electron-packager ./ project_name --platform=darwin --arch=x64 --version 1.1.3 --overwrite --icon=./Images/app-icon.icns

Is it a bad idea to make the connection from the main process? Would it be better to make the it from a hidden BrowserWindow?

Thank you for your help,