Auto Updater (First Time) Contribution


I’m trying to get into open-source development, and I believe in this atom editor. I would like to contribute, so I looked at the issues on Github, found one I felt I could do, and I believe that I completed the issue, though I have no real way of seeing whether I fixed it or anything, and I’m not an expert on Coffeescript, so I don’t exactly know.

Anyway, I would love for feedback on my first PR. I’m not sure if this is the place, but I’d love to help out, if I could just get started.

Nick Anderson


I took the liberty of editing your description a tiny bit to link your PR to the original Issue. See the GitHub Help page on Markdown References for information on what I did (and other related tricks :grinning:).

There is a group of folks that generally triage all new Issues and PRs. We all get notified of pretty much any event on any of the Atom repositories. One of us would have caught this and flagged it for review or given you comments on what you should change or do. Sometimes it just takes a bit for one of us to go through our routine :laughing:

The rest of my comments will be on the PR itself. Welcome to the community!