Auto-update events strangely not firing on Win32


I’m noticing something quite strange happening, and I’m not sure if this should be reported as an issue, or there’s something wrong in the way I do things.

My app is signed only for OSX, and not on Windows; despite that, when I call autoUpdate.checkForUpdates() from the main.js file and have only the main BrowserWindow, everything is working fine — I get all autoUpdater events on both platforms without a probem — checking-for-update, update-not-available and so on.

I’m now changing the UX, so that the app creates a separate BrowserWindow (a little update/progress info window) and only after then, the autoUpdate.checkForUpdates() fires up. In this scenario, strangely, the checking-for-update autoUpdater event doesn’t fire up at all on Windows, and none of the events that used to work. The app still works fine on OSX and behaves as expected. As I mentioned earlier — the only difference now is that the Windows app is not signed, but that didn’t make a difference earlier.

Anyone experiences anything similar, any thoughts? Thanks!

Using Electron 0.36.7, OSX 10.11 and Windows 8.1.