Auto update beta channel


I noticed there is a beta-release in the atom release section in github:

Is there a way to tell atom to auto update beta releases?


See the new Atom Beta Channel page:

Also see the great blog post by @nathansobo about the new Beta Channel:



Yeah I just saw it on their site - it is a really good blog post, very interesting.

I will be interested to see how the development lifecycle of package authors will change, whether we need to release a beta and stable version too.

Downloading the beta now! :smile:


I’m probably going to be experimenting with this in the next couple months. Trying different strategies and seeing how they work.


Not sure what is meant by “installed automatically” but I always have to download a new beta version manually and trigger the update also manually… I do not even get any kind of notification in my atom-beta about new beta release… So that’s my two cents to new beta releases are installed automatically


Hi! I have been struggling with the same problem myself (I don’t know if it’s because I am a linux user, but I don’t get notifications for new beta releases (nor for stable releases if I am using the beta version). Obviously I don’t get automatic installation either.

For this reason a few days ago I wrote a small package called geiger that checks and notifies about new releases at boot (or when you trigger the comand manually).

It’s my first ever package for Atom, so it may be less-than-perfect, but I use it and it does the job for me. Should you try it, any feedback (including negative one) is welcome. :slight_smile: