Auto scroll package (not md sync)


Is there a package out there that will scroll text automatically. I want to sit back and want atom to scroll text for me.


After a quick search I didn’t find any package that does what you want. Maybe this can be a nice idea for this:

@dwolfson486, is it creative enough? It could be a nice Atom programming exercise!


“Scroll text automatically” is a pretty vague description. What specific behavior are you looking for and what do you intend to use it for?


I have a hard time finding a simple teleprompter solution for my macbook. I’m trying to get atom to do that for me.

So basically I want to open a file, enlarge the text and with a simple keystroke I want atom to scroll the text from top to bottom at my preferred pace.

If I knew any coding I would have developed it myself, I tried looking into it Yesterday, but it seems like a steeper learning curve than I initially thought.


Thanks for the effort.
Great community.


As for the learning curve, yes and no. There are some initial concepts that you have to learn to do anything with Javascript, but the actual mechanics of what you’re looking for are very easy.

Here’s what I think: you don’t actually need Atom for this. It’s a great editor and you can write things in it, but what you actually want can be done in any text editor. I say this because Atom is very complicated in how it creates the text editor environment. Only the visible text and the text immediately above and below the editor window are rendered into HTML; when you scroll up and down, you’re actually triggering a bunch of Javascript calls to write out more of the file.

What you want is a web page. You just want a simple HTML display with a bit of Javascript that figures out how many lines of text there are and turns scrolling on and off. You can use a package to give you a live preview of your HTML with included Javascript, so you have your editor and your teleprompter all in one application.

If you want to learn a bit about coding, this is a prime opportunity to get your hands into the DOM and learn how to get and write attributes.