Auto running packages



I have a couple of packages installed, and as I will be using them every time - I would love if I don’t have to manually start them separately, in some order. You could think of like an IDE that gets prepared when starting up. I believe this should perhaps be inside the init script?


You mean their various views should be opened on startup (when they currently don’t by default)?

Yea, I would think that can be achieved in the init script, by triggering whatever toggle events each package has defined (which of course will be different from package to package).


Exactly what I mean! Is there an example somewhere in the documentation?


One place to start would be to look at how one of your packages’ specs does it.

Check this post for some good pointers:


I’ve found in one of these packages the shortcut of the context menu: meteor-helper:showHide. What do need to create inside the to run this when Atom is loaded?


You can most probably achieve this by doing

atom.commands.dispatch(atom.views.getView(atom.workspace), 'package:command');

in your init script. So for meteor-helper:showHide you’d do

atom.commands.dispatch(atom.views.getView(atom.workspace), 'meteor-helper:showHide');

There might be some commands that don’t work because they aren’t attached to the workspace, but to some other element. You’ll have to read the packages code to know which element to dispatch the command to.


@olmokramer Sir, my eternal love for this!