Auto Populate/Create Panes


I have been looking for a package to do this but can’t seem to find one. The API for extensions doesn’t seem to support it either.

I want to be able to open similar file types in the same pane. All PHP in one pane, all CSS in another pane. without having to have the pane in focus.

One method that might work is to create a regEx for a pane that will always group together files that match that expression. To do this Extensions would have to be able to label a pane and select that pane as active based on the label.

Right now I don’t see a way to do that.


I started making a package that would open a file in the same pane as other files with the same extension. Got it working pretty much with a few bugs but didn’t complete it. Maybe I should?


Well if you complete it I would love to use it! :smile:


So @rolyataylor2, it took a while, but now a 1.0 is up for the package I talked about. Here is Pane by type.

Please try it out and let me know how it works out for you :slight_smile:


@danielbrodin Sorry for the REALLY REALLY REALLY late reply ( life stuff got in the way ) but your package works perfectly, it is exactly what I was talking about!

Thank you very much! I will be using it alot :smiley: