Auto-indent overly aggressive


If line 3 has indent, how can I start the next few lines without indent without indent? It seems quite counter-intuitive that when line 3 has indent, the only way for me to have line 4 ~ 10 without indent is to delete all whitespace in line 4 and put a character at the beginning of line 4.

I never had this problem with UltraEdit, Notepad++/notepadqq or any IDE. With atom,

I am using atom mostly as a text editor so the auto indent feature produces 99% false positive…

When I copy a section of python code to remove indent so I can run the section in interactive mode, atom auto indent becomes very annoying…

Probably related to


You don’t have to put a character on line 4 if you don’t intend for any characters to be on line 4. Why does indentation matter on a line without any words on it? Just hit enter as many times as you want, then delete however many tabs you want to delete, then start typing. Extra tabs on blank lines will get deleted on save.