Auto Generation of u1>li*3 Possible


Auto Generation of u1>li3 Possible → Please watch this very old video. The author types "u1>li3 " and then press some button and the list generates. See this Video →

Is this possible in atom?

Snippet creation is one thing, but snippet will be static like we can create one for “u1>li*3”, but what if we have to generate 4,5,6,9_____ etc list?

In short can we do it like the way Jeff is doing it in Sublime.



He types ul>li*3, not u1.

The way I do it is with two snippets, one to get the list started and one for adding another item.

  'Unordered List':
    prefix: 'ul'
    body: """
      <ul class="$1" name="$2">
  'Ordered List':
    prefix: 'ol'
    body: """
      <ol class="$1" name="$2">
  'List Item':
    prefix: 'li'
    body: '<li>$1</li>'


Thanks sir, but can your snippet create variable list like 5,6 or even 13, for example?


No. Atom’s snippet function can’t do that by itself. That would require some code in or a package.


Yes. You need to install the Emmet package.


Thanks, I am going to install it now.


Sir, Can you also check my this post → Auto Prefix Creater in Atom,