Auto-deletion of the older Atom versions



I have been using Atom for quite some time now. I was really happy the other day, when I found that Atom will be able to auto-update, but again a major problem for me remains. To be more specific, I have to always manually delete the older version that is located in a hidden file (where Atom lies by default).

I would have expected that the new version would ask whether you want to install the new update and if the answer is affirmative, the old version should be deleted automatically.

In Linux there is no problem, as once you type sudo apt-get autoremove will do the job, but in Windows there is a different story.

Is it possible to have auto-deletion of the older versions?


It’s my understanding that the behavior you’re concerned about is due to Chocolatey. There is now a Windows installer and auto-updater that doesn’t behave this way. See this blog post for instructions on how to upgrade:


I am using the new version.

The new installer installs Atom in a different folder and keeps the old versions after the updates takes place.


That’s the way it works. You should issue a feature request on atom/atom and link to it from here. I personally have no problem since I have 300 gigs free on my system disk.


Hi Mark,
that would be OK if Atom asks you where it wants to install, but it does not do that. It automatically installs at C:\ drive (even worse in a file that is hidden). For me this is an SSD drive which is not that big. To tell you the truth I would not like to have older versions there once I wanted the upgrade.

I believe that people should take that into consideration for it is an important attribute.


Edit: For the record, I’m definitely using the new Atom updater, not Chocolately. I see this behavior on both Windows 7 64-bit and Windows 8.1 64-bit.

I’m with you on this one, @Echetlaeus. The extra files are definitely annoying, but not being able to even decide where those files go is pretty frustrating. I go into my AppData after every update and remove the old versions folders. Not sure why this hasn’t been handled already. It’s a pretty easy thing to add a folder removal to an install script. :expressionless:

@mark_hahn You having extra space is fine and dandy, but that attitude would let the on-disk files for Atom continue to grow by a few hundred megs with EVERY update. Not exactly ideal for those of us with small system disks. :wink:


I agree and it should also let you choose final install folder, just like any other app out there.