why in the world i need to click on the auto-completion list to use them, ? can’t i just hit enter on the first item.
suppose i type dis and auto-completion show(display:, etc as a menu list) why do i need to click on list item? i can just hit enter it takes the first item in the list like in most of the editors(sublime, brackets even the pspad). i mean it is a default thing in those editors. i was even amazed there was no auto-completion installed. i have installed the 3 auto-completion packages. i came here because the sublime editor was irritating me with the pop-up asking me to purchase every 25times an hour.


The default key for accepting a suggestion is tab


Thank you very much. i can bind tab with enter key also right.?


Do you have the autocomplete-plus package installed? In case you don’t, you really should. It has an option to change the key from tab to enter, or even both.

Check out the docs if you want to know more about keybindings.


Thanks. its done.