Auto-completion like Sublime's


I’m a Sublime user trying out Atom and I’m having a hard time choosing which editor to go for based on a couple of features. I feel that there’s at least one feature in each editor, that the other doesn’t have that I don’t feel I can do without.

  • Atom has brilliant and seamless Git integration, particularly the colouring of sidebar items to display commit status. After a little research I have found that Sublime’s API allows very minimal, if any interaction with the sidebar, hence why there are no plugins/packages available that are able to colour it to display commit status.

  • Sublime has fantastic auto-completion. Symbols such as $aVeryLongVariableName can be found by simply typing $avl (Typing characters that appear in the symbol) whereas in Atom you would need to type $averyl (Can’t skip characters).

I’d be totally content switching to Atom if I could find auto-complete functionality that could compete with Sublime’s, particularly in the case of $aVeryLongVariableName being suggested by typing $avl.

So I guess, my question here is, does anyone know of any Atom software/packages that are able to offer similar auto-complete functionality?


It’s called fuzzy searching, you can find the option in the autocomplete-plus package settings (It was disabled by default in my configuration), just uncheck Use Strict Matching For Built-In Provider to enable it.


Thank you for your reply. I’ve had a look in the package settings for autocomplete-plus and I have found that the option Use Strict Matching For Built-In Provider was already unchecked. I’ve since tried checking and un-checking and found that the problem still remains. I’ve tried restarting Atom after each change as well to no avail.

In addition, I also noticed that by default the option Default Provider was set to Symbol instead of Fuzzy. I’ve tried changing it to Fuzzy and restarting Atom as well, with no difference in my results.



Hi again,

I’ve figured out that the fuzzy searching was not working because of another package I had installed called autocomplete-php. Since disabling this package, the autocomplete-plus has been working in the manner I want it to.

I find the autocomplete-php package very useful in that it not only automatically completes PHP functions, it puts placeholders for all the parameters of the function too. E.g. typing str_rep with autocomplete-php enabled, brings up the suggestion str_repeat($input, $multiplier) and allows the user to tab through the arguments.

Is there perhaps a way you know of, to get both of these working in tandem?


Unfortunately no, Atom is not my main text editor so I didn’t look further, but I’m still thinking that it’s a configuration issue.

You can also check the repos, maybe an issue concerning your case was already opened.


Hi again,

Ok, I’ve just tested now with autocomplete-php installed, and effectively the fuzzy searching is not working anymore, so yeah, it will be more than great to submit an issue.


Thanks for your feedback. I’ve submitted an issue: