Auto-Completion bug


Hello i wonder if the fact that the auto-completion generate 2 “<” is a bug or if i’m doing thing wrong.


You’re not supposed to type the opening <, just type the name of the tag for proper completion.


You are using a snippet that expands a to <a href="#"></a>. That’s not an autocomplete package, and is included in the autocomplete popup because of autocomplete-snippets. If you were using a completion, it would not insert the extra brace, but snippets aren’t capable of context-awareness. I’d recommend changing your habits to stop typing the brace, since that saves you a keystroke every time and the default snippets will cover a lot of your needs (though if you find yourself needing more sophistication, I would recommend learning emmet; you can write a whole page in one line of logic and save tons of time).


oh ! ok thx ^^