Auto-complete opens a "bottom panel" after passing through all the options


I don’t really know how to explain this bug, so I made a gif showing it.

Basically the STR would be open a .css file and start typing something that has many options (such as “font…”). Then you go through every option (using the down arrow key) and a strange panel will pop on the bottom of the screen.

I noticed that if you have a small amount of options in the auto-complete menu this isn’t going to happen.

Is this a known bug? I don’t know if it happens but I’ve seen this bug on versions prior to 1.0 and both on Windows and on Debian OS.

Also, if anyone finds a better name/description of this bug I would appreciate the suggestion.


You should post an issue on the autocomplete-plus repo.


Oooookay. I wans’t sure if someone else had reported it already and I wasn’t sure about how to report a hard-to-describe bug like this. I guess that the ol’ gif is always a good option. :smile:



Your report was great. I had just never seen this problem on this forum and thought you’d do better on the repo.


Wops, just found an issue that might be the same as this one: Anyway, the issue has been reported.

Thanks @mark_hahn. :smile: