Auto complete not working on tab properly?


Not sure if this is a bug, or if unlike Sublime a plugin needs to be installed or possible simply adding changing a setting. So pardon my ignorance as I’m just getting started with Atom.

I’m in HTML mode at the moment. In Sublime If I type “<div” then tab it turns in to:


With the cursor automatically in between those. Clicking tab in Atom just does a tab.

Update: I see this plugin which seems to do it, but since it’s core in Sublime and seems more like a core function was wondering if there is a way to do it without install the plugin, or if there are plans for it to be added to the core eventually? Or if anyone recommends a different plugin that does that plus other autocomplete functions that are core to sublime to cover my bases?


Update, the plugin mentions currently doesn’t complete if you do “</” and is noted as something that is on the to do list. So looks like the plugin isn’t yet up to par with Sublime’s core closing features. If it were core, maybe that Atom community would be able to help add that too.


If you already have the HTML language selected (or are working in a saved HTML file), you could always just type div and tab.
That immediately expands to the following, with the cursor inside the class quotation marks.

<div class="">

So you’re getting these things out of the box, but they may not work identically to what you’re used to with Sublime.


Thanks, yes sublime also has that feature were you can enter say “div tab” and it turns into “

” with the cursor in the middle. However this message is about the additional features that Sublime offers allowing users to simply enter to auto close tags by simply typing “</” and moving to the next line along with other enhancements.

So Atom is definitely catching up (and surpassing Sublime in many areas), in some areas like these it’s still lagging. But imagine there maybe other more pressing issues for users but wanted to note it since the little things are typically when prevent users from switching to a new editor or browser.


@ChrisChiera This is where Atom shines though: Anyone who needs a certain feature that doesn’t exist, is welcome and well-supported in writing a little package for it.


I agree packages play a great role, as they are what have made Sublime shine, and Sublime has an enormous repository of packages (most of being ported to Atom. And it’s a fine line to determine what should be a package or native to avoid bloat and becoming another Dreamweaver or Microsoft Word.

In my opinion where it’s core in sublime, and part of the functionality is core in Atom, having it go a little farther for feature parity with sublime in this instance would make sense for me especially where the plugin autoclose-html which adds a good portion of the functionality (but not all) has already been downloaded 61K time. Maybe perhaps if the number of downloads reaches a certain amount in ratio to the number of atom users and makes sense to be native like in other editors such as Sublime this could be considered.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the matter.


A core team member mentioned to me that they are reluctant to take on packages because for each package that means more work to support and they have finite resources. One of the great thing about community packages is that there is no limit to how many can be added.

I also selfishly don’t want things added to core that I don’t use. It causes more bloat, longer downloads, and distracts core team members from what I do care about.


BTW, download count doesn’t mean much. Each upgrade also counts as a download so packages that keep upgrading the version keep multiplying the number of downloads. If a download count for an old package says 10,000 and there were 10 versions then the number of users might be 1000.

Edit: Or the number of users could be zero if everyone quit using it.