Auto compile and run?


Hi all, I’m new to Atom and wondering if it’s possible to set up compiling and running info and run compiled code automatically with Atom. Feel like it might be important for languages that need to be compiled…


Something like this?


Yeah. But this one seems to be only for script language while I’m looking for something with broader usage so that I can compile and run other languages also (say Java and C/C++). That would be nice if unit test can also be included.

I just can’t find any plugin like this…


Doesn’t do Java or C/C++ but maybe


So Initially i was Trying to use script to compile Java But It was not compiling… [javac (options) (Source Not Found)] after 5 mins i figured out…

First Install Script By - Settings -> Install -> Type Script -> Install

After Install Completed -
Click Settings Under “Script” ->
Under “Default CWD Behaviour” Select… “First Project Directory”

Change It To
"Directory Of Script"

Now Java Compiles And Runs On Its Own

EXTRAS - Since At The Time Of Writing This Post Java Doesnot Support Selected Text Compile So
Click On Ignore Selection (Prefered if You Only Work With Java)