Auto change case in snippet


I always type the following:


And clicking caps lock is tedious.

In VS code, they have the upcase option to use

So, I wonder if the similar implementation is present in Atom.


There’s a command editor:upper-case that you can invoke and the word under the cursor will be transformed. You can attach it to a keybinding (for me, it’s ctrl-k ctrl-c by default) and use it wherever.


I couldn’t put it to work in snippet .cson script. OR it won’t happen in .cson script?


It should happen everywhere. You can use the Keybinding Resolver to see what commands are being matched when you press certain keys. Please post a screenshot of that.


vsCode augmented their snippets to include Emmet type functionality from May (?) onwards.
Atom currently have the traditional snippet format.


I know how it works for key binding, however, what I wanted was automatically upcase without clicking any bindings.


How would Atom identify when you want to make a word upper case?


The desired outcome:

'Export Constant':
'prefix': 'ecc'
'body': """
  export const ${1:/upcase} = '${1:/upcase}';

When we exit the snippet after $2, all input will be downcase again.
ONLY $1 cursor will upcase AUTOMATICALLY.